How to Treat Headaches with CBD

Headache and migraine has been a day to day life problem that people face everywhere. Most headaches are natural due to various reasons and they subside themselves within a short period of time with or without any medication which itself can be found in over the counter. But the circumstances get severe when a headache is triggered as a result of migraine. While Headaches are more or less easily treatable, Migraines have different degree of intensity and hence they are very hardly to treat and require prescribed medicine at exact moment and at exact dosage.

What is a headache and migraine?

 The headache could simply be defined as pain in the head which may exert pressure. The intensity could be from moderate to severe but they are easily treatable. Most will subside by themselves while if it’s severe, it may need further medication.

Migraine is a bit difficult to define as, different types have different syndromes. Some accompanies with pain behind the eyes, generally on one side with nausea and sometimes feeling of vomiting. The pain can be from moderate to severe and duration also varies. In different types of migraines, it can range from a few hours to days and months. Hence migraine can obstruct the daily life of a person.

How CBD can help in headache and migraine?


Most headaches come as a result of ongoing stress. Anxiety and depression are another cause for which headaches may occur.

Anxiety: Headaches may occur as a result of anxiety. Since anxiety puts the body through stress, evidently it will come into play and will get severe over the time. The CBD for anxiety and pure CBD oil will promote the secretion of serotonin which will result in relaxing the mind overall. With the relaxation, the body releases the stress and headache is most likely to subside.

Depression: Depression also can be cause of headaches. Depression also leads to stress which may again start the vicious cycle of triggering a headache. Hemp oil CBD will ease the tension around the mind followed by decreasing intensity of the headache.

Thus, CBD or Cannabidiol helps in relieving from headache by acting on the underlying cause. If the cause is related to stress, then CBD oil uses will have more chance of subsiding it.