Maplestory Magician Guide – Easy Steps For Building Your Magic

This Maplestory Magician Guide will cover a few steps that will have you well on your way to becoming an amazing magician. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you build your magician:maplestory 2 download

  • Put the majority of your AP into INT
  • Keep your STR and DEX to a minimum, just so you can equip items
  • Make sure your stats are correctly distributed at the beginning

In case you don’t already know, now your stats are redistributed when you become a Maplestory magician. Because of this, it is best to distribute your stats accordingly in order to leave the beginner area quickly: When you level up add 1 point to DEX and the rest to STR until you reach level 8 and become a magician This will ensure quick leveling until then. After you become a magician, your stat points will be reset so you have only 4 STR and 4 DEX, which is ideal for all maplestory 2 magicians. When you become a magician, you will definitely want to make it so your LUK is 3 more points than your level. So, for example, if you are at level 10, your LUK should be 13. That way you will be able to wear the best equipment for your level. Some magicians have no points put into LUK. These are called Luckless magicians, but they are usually played by more experienced players.

You will definitely want to train hard as a magician. Most magicians become frustrated early on because they feel they aren’t doing enough damage, but this is normal in the first few levels. As your character grows, he will be able to do much, much more damage. It is well known that Maplestory magicians can have the coolest and some of the most powerful attacks, harming multiple enemies at once at either short or long range. Make sure you continue to train and use the highest level equipment that you can. Of course, if you wish to enjoy the activity, one can learn a few of these tips nonetheless, usually do not go with regards to making use of bots and other unfaithful software.

By doing do, you happen to be just cheating yourself at the same time so you are robbing oneself the entertainment of having the ability to strike and kill enemies, and level up with your personal attempts. When you are caught up in one levels, also, it is vital that you find out some suggestions on the best way to degree up speedy or get some good Maplestory competence information to assist you. Remember that acquiring Mesos can be very difficult as well as a tiny hard to level up along with the ranges can become more difficult when you stage up. However, you want not be let down. Locate some tips.